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Frontline Clothing Ltd

Who We Are

Denim is not only a fabric. It transcends time and culture. It’s a lifestyle and a state of mind. At Frontline this mindset is reflected in everything we do, helping us earn the reputation as Asia’s most premium vendor.


We are behind the scenes supporting many of the world’s leading casual and jeanswear brands, a one-stop shop for bespoke design, development and manufacturing of women’s and men’s lifestyle apparel.


As a “virtual manufacturer,” we offer a unique integrated platform that is unparalleled within the region. We create value for clients by specializing in everything from conceptualization and design through to production and manufacturing.


Utilizing trend-right styling, wash development and advanced technology, we create unique solutions tailored to each and every one of our global clients.


We pride ourselves not on the number of factories we work with, but rather the quality of our tightly curated development and manufacturing network.

Founded in 1994 in Hong Kong and built over many years of trust, we have grown together with both our factories and clients. Today, Frontline boasts a 150-strong team, spread across more than 30,000 square feet of offices. We prioritize quality, execution and value without compromising on speed-to-market.


We nurture our partnerships with key factories by investing, training and providing all the tools that enable them to focus on what they do best – executing the product.


We have, and continue to set up, joint ventures with both our factories and our clients to deepen the relationships where possible. This unique model helps FCL to control in-house, from conceptualization, all aspects of development, quality and cost to protect the vision of our customers and shorten the supply chain.

Our ongoing strategic growth in creative services, R&D and environmentally conscious production uniquely position us at the leading edge of the new era of manufacturing.


As timeless as denim itself, Frontline knows no limits and is always looking for new more efficient ways to operate for our clients.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!


-Roel Vossen, Founder & Managing Director

Where We Are

Our People

Our talented team members have come from all corners of the globe to join the Frontline family. From our design studio to our factory floors, we are proud to have gathered best-in-class talent at every level of the development and supply chain to deliver optimum value to our clients.

“Frontline’s most important asset is its dedicated and highly experienced management team”

With over 30 years’ experience globally in the garment industry, Roel worked his way from the music industry into design and development before founding Frontline Clothing Ltd in 1994 as a product-focused alternative to the competition. Building the business on the core principles of integrity, quality and on-time performance, Roel’s strategic vision and proven track record with both suppliers and clients have empowered him to lead the company into its third decade of growth.

Roel Vossen

Chairman & Managing Director

With an extensive background of over 25 years in garment production and merchandising, Phillip has been an integral part of Frontline since 1995 and today leads and manages all merchandising and production. He has built and maintained long-standing vendor partnerships throughout Asia, and his uncompromising emphasis on execution, value and ‘follow-up’ have all been key drivers of the company’s growth.

Phillip Ho

Director of Merchandising

With over 16 years of product design background working for global casual lifestyle brands including Urban Outfiitters and Guess Inc. as VP of Design, John was welcomed to the Frontline team in 2013. His deep expertise on both product and business sides make him essential to Frontline’s forward-thinking creative development strategy in denim and jeanswear. He leads the branded and internal FCL design and development-merchandise teams.

John Landis

Creative Director

Kenny joined Frontline in 1999, starting his career as a merchandiser.
Now with more than 20 years of experience in garment merchandising, he has a comprehensive understanding of the fashion denim market and is both an accomplished leader and a valued colleague to his team. His unique ability to anticipate the needs of his customers and the business makes him a key member of FCL’s executive management

Kenny Lai