Frontline | Sustainability
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At Frontline, we are always looking for leading-edge innovations to improve our product development process, not only for our clients but for the earth.

Our Joint-Venture Development Center and denim factory in Zhuhai, China is a proud example of that quest for responsible manufacturing. In this facility, we recycle 100% of our water through an on-site, government-certified and monitored water treatment facility. This sets us apart globally as best-in-class for water usage and cleanliness, with a chemical oxygen demand (COD) output of only 50ppm, far below the average industry standard of 80 – 100 ppm.

We have also invested in laser and ozone technology to create virtually water-free washes on our products. These technologies are available on-demand to all of our clients.

We are dedicated in our mission to lessen the impact to the environment, and we are always open and researching the market for ways new ways to deliver on this commitment.


As a supplier to the world’s foremost multinational brands and retailers, Frontline is trusted to uphold and adhere to the most stringent international compliance standards. We take this responsibility very seriously and have implemented supply chain strategies to meet and exceed these standards at every level.

Each member of our dedicated compliance team has attained the SA8000 Lead Certified Auditor certification. Their responsibilities are:

  • To deliver custom social compliance and related services to our suppliers
  • To ensure that the FCL sourcing base complies with all requirements contained in corporate vendor manuals for each respective client
  • To support the development of programs for adequate security and safety training procedures for all suppliers and ensure that these are implemented and maintained without exception
  • To consistently stay connected and up to date through external advisors, brands and the NGO community to identify potential issues and solutions with respect to social and environmental compliance and testing standards.