Frontline | 7. PRODUCTION
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As the backbone of our organization, the Production Department is the final stage as we work to bring the vision of our customers to life.

Sub-Process 1

Because we believe in a realistic and tightly managed hand-off from sample development to production, our team can truly focus on execution and delivery.

Sub-Process 2

The process and timeline of garment making is an imperfect and ever-changing process that requires intense attention to detail and the ability to think and react “in-line” to issues that can and do arise.

Sub-Process 3

Our speed and solution-focused team is on-call at all times to respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

Sub-Process 4

We work very closely with our factories to partner on speed, fair value costing and technical trouble-shooting, so they can focus on what they do best: production.

Sub-Process 5

Our merchants travel weekly to the factories to ensure that our T&A’s are on time, and on standard.

Sub-Process 6

We also believe that our merchants should be present regularly or as-needed in the places that we do business so they get to know the true “DNA” and business model of each brand or label that we produce for.

Sub-Process 7

Over the years we have helped to establish many brands with a successful Quick-Response strategy to basics replenishment and timing for production. This includes everything from design and fit to fabric and trim purchasing and stock.

Sub-Process 8

We assist in the monitoring of piece-goods stock levels and help to strategize production and shipping calendars with each buyer based on selling and seasonality.

Sub-Process 9